Sunday, January 5, 2014

This really is a miracle day!

January 4th, my mom and I went on a shopping day.

First, we went to the Williams New Seasons, and first, I brought over some bottles to recycle that I get from my neighbors. I got one dollar and thirty cents this time!

So then we went in and I got my money and went over to the bakery and looked at the cupcakes but I couldn't decide! I was looking at these big fat cupcakes from Gluten Free Gem and also the cheesecakes.

My mom went shopping for soup so I could decide.

Then I went over to these four pack deals from Udi's and showed my mom and my mom said "you can get four for less, and have more than just one" so that's what I decided to do.

I also got a Blue Sky organic soda and a Justin's candy bar. I bought all these with my bottle money and my gift card I won.
the swirls on the top were my favorite part. 

This was chewy, crunchy and delicious. The chocolate makes me feel happy. 

Next, we went to Fred Meyer and I saw dairy free ice cream for 82 cents! I thought it was my lucky lucky day! AND THEN... my mom got REAL bacon and I was jumping up and down and I was saying "wow! this really is a miracle day!"

So I made breakfast today with my muffin and real bacon, and some tea.

Taking a picture of myself drinking the tea. It was so good! 

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