Sunday, March 16, 2014

My First College

My mom gave us all coupon books for Christmas with things to do through the year with us. One of the first things was a tour and cooking demonstration at LeCordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in downtown Portland.

We took a tour first. We saw an ironing room and my mom was taking pictures of that. They have an ironing room because when the students are on campus they have to wear their chef jackets and they have to be ironed because they work with food and they are suppose to look professional.

We took a tour of the kitchens, and there were large mixers and huge tables. It was very impressive. Only, I could smell the gluten and feel it in my lungs and it started making me feel a little sick. 

Next up, we went to the demonstration kitchen where the chef taught us to cook a meal. The chef was a teacher who had been a chef in fancy restaurants and cruise ships all around the world.

He taught us to make lettuce wrapped steaks with veggies. It looked really easy to make.

Then... he called me up to the front! I was pretty scared but I did it. So I stood up in front of everyone and made the wrap and tasted it! It was so exciting for me.

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  1. LOVE this Atticus! What a wonderful job you did!