Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pasta fail and chicken strips

A friend of my mom's, Jolie , gave me a pasta roller because she thought I would like to learn to make pasta, and I do.

My mom looked up a recipe online and we decided to try it. I also wanted to try to make chicken strips from my book Make-Ahead Paleo: Healthy Gluten-, Grain- & Dairy-Free Recipes Ready When & Where You Are.

We got all the ingredients from the store and read over recipes so we knew exactly what to do.

We started the pasta first in the food processor. It was very gooey, so we added more flour. We kept adding more flour until it looked like dough.

Then it had to sit for 30 minutes. 

 While we waited, we started on the chicken strips. 

First, I made a flour castle:

There's a little door and a moat. 

Then I crashed it with fork. 

We had to make three pans of ingredients to dip the chicken in- flour, eggs, flour. I really liked the dipping part, but it was really sticky because of the egg. And the flour, and the other flour, and I got it all over my hands and then I had chicken fingers! 

Then we put those in the pan in coconut oil and cooked them. 

Meanwhile, back to the pasta... 

I tried to roll it out. 

And it turned to mush. 

We just couldn't make it work. 

So then, we turned them into little balls, mom said they would be like gnocci, and we boiled them.

Our chicken was done. That part was easy! And they were really tasty, my mom and I kept eating them instead of waiting for dinner. 

The chicken strips were DELICIOUS! The gnocci tasted a little doughy, so I put more salt on it and it tasted all very good. 

Maybe we will try a different pasta recipe next time. Or maybe someone else can help me because my mom is out of patience with trying to make the gluten free pasta. 

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